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Call Now: (480) 699-1055
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Why Blake Mortgage?

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Why Blake Mortgage?

At Blake Mortgage, headed by certified mortgage consultant Harry Panosian, excellence is a top priority and the firm is committed to the highest ethical standards in helping clients in finding the loan that meets their needs.

With low interest rates, now is the time many people are refinancing or buying second homes or investment properties. It’s easy to jump online to choose the most convenient lender from a big bank or lender. Is that going to be the best option and save you the most money and time in the long run?

Whether it’s your first or 10th real estate purchase or home refinance, you want an advocate who will help you come away feeling satisfied instead of feeling you left a shell game.

Here are 5 reasons you should choose Blake Mortgage:

1. Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Choosing your lender well in advance of starting your home purchase or refinance will save you from rushing to get a pre-approval from just anyone. At Blake Mortgage, we can get you started with a free quote in preparation for your purchase or refinance. Your realtor can also be a good referral for a mortgage consultant. Blake Mortgage is trusted source for real-estate agents across the Phoenix metro area who are proud to send their clients to us.

2. A Broker Who Can Shop for Best Program and Rates from Several Lenders

Unlike a loan officer or a bank lender, who will only look for a mortgage rate through their own companies, a mortgage broker compares programs, rates and title fees with different lenders on your behalf. We shop for the best terms. This will save you time and money from having to apply with different lenders yourself to find the best mortgage product that meets your needs.

3. Consider a Certified Financial Planner ® who is also a Certified Mortgage Consultant ®

Why not choose someone who has reached the highest professional certification in their field? A Certified Mortgage Consultant , CMC®, is a real estate finance professional who has passed rigorous exams to demonstrate superior financial knowledge. CMCs also maintain industry expertise through the National Association of Mortgage Brokers continuing education requirements. Blake Mortgage’s Harry Panosian is part of this distinguished group of professionals to earn the CMC® designation. He puts his certification and financial planning knowledge and experience to help his clients to get the best package for their home purchase or refinance.

4. Education and Experience

Not only to Certified Mortgage Consultants have to pass tests to demonstrate their expertise, but it requires five years of financing experience and education requirements. Having a mortgage broker who is skilled and has long-established relationships with other professionals can be a significant benefit when a financing deal is more complex or faces some hurdles, for instance, during underwriting or closing.

5. Good Ethics

Your broker must have your best interest in mind. You want to work with someone who is transparent. Honest. An advocate. Education and experience are not enough. Certified Mortgage Consultants have ethical competency standards and take a pledge to adhere to the professional code of ethics as administered by the NAMB.

Get Started Today

Blake Mortgage is happy to provide a free consultation to get you started on your purchase or refinance application. Schedule your one-hour consultation with Harry Panosian CMC ® CFP® ChFC® CDFA®