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Call Now: (480) 699-1055
Call Now: (480) 699-1055
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Get Cash From Your Home

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We’re your Trusted Partner for Residential Mortgages

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Get Cash From Your Home

HOW to get cash out from your home? A cash-out refinance can improve your financial position

  • Use your home equity to your advantage! Get money out of your home and use it for anything you want. Find out if it makes sense to refinance with our Refinance Calculator
  • Make home improvements to increase the value of your home, pay for college tuition, pay off high-interest credit card debt, or buy a vacation home.
  • Homeowners over 62 can access their home’s equity like cash with Blake Mortgage‘s reverse mortgage partners.

For the past two decades, we’ve helped many Americans, get into a better financial position. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Consolidate Your Debt

Consolidate high-interest debt by refinancing to a low mortgage rate

Take control of your financial situation

  • Refinance to some of the lowest rates in decades, and get cash to pay off your higher-interest debt. Don’t wait. These low rates won’t last forever!
  • Make one low monthly payment instead of several, and pay less overall every month. Unlike credit cards, the interest is usually tax deductible.*
  • Even if you have less-than-perfect credit, we can help. Paying off your higher-interest debts faster can even improve your credit rating. Find out if you qualify.
  • Interested in consolidating two mortgages? We can help you refinance both loans into one low rate that could significantly reduce your monthly mortgage payment.